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Algonquin Community Survey

Algonquin Community SurveyThe 2019 Algonquin Community Survey has been sent to 1,500 randomly selected households in the community. Surveys take about 10 minutes to complete; if you have received one in the mail, please consider completing it to provide your feedback on Village services.

In September 2018, the Algonquin Community Survey was sent to 1,500 randomly selected households in the community. Residents are given 21 days to complete and return the survey.

The Algonquin Community Survey helps the Village evaluate and prioritize public services provided to the community.  The survey asked questions about quality of life measures, perceptions of safety, quality and importance of Village programs and services, performance of Village employees, and general demographic information.

In subsequent years, the Algonquin Community Survey instrument will be reviewed and evaluated to determine any necessary modifications in the survey format needed to accurately capture resident opinions.

Questions or comments?  Please contact the Village Manager's Office online and we will respond promptly.  See below for historical survey reports.