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Ted Spella Leadership School

Registrations are now being accepted by the Village of Algonquin for those persons interested in attending the returning Ted Spella Leadership School.  The school, named after former Algonquin Village President Ted Spella, seeks to bring together a cross section of participants who are eager to expand their community involvement.  This includes participation of “up and coming” leaders as well as existing leaders who want to enhance their role in the community.  Additional program goals include:

  1. Introduce the participants to key community leaders and organizations that are addressing major issues.
  2. Establish, for the participants, a network of contacts helpful for becoming effective community leaders.
  3. Provide education, training and development in leadership skills and ethics.
  4. Provide participants with an enjoyable experience as they enhance their roles as leaders, gain personal and professional growth, and form lasting friendships.

Participation in the Ted Spella Leadership School will require a serious commitment of time and energy from all attendees. The program consists of an overview of critical community issues; readings and seminar regarding leadership concepts and ethics; and eight sessions (one per month) addressing topics of community interest and concern, including:

  • September 2022: Leadership, Communications, and Ethics
  • October 2022: Municipal Government & Community Development
  • November 2022: Public Works and Infrastructure
  • December 2022: Public Safety (Police and Fire)
  • January 2023: County and Township Government
  • February 2023: Education and Community Service
  • March 2023: Budgeting, Finance, and Taxes
  • April 2023: Media and Public Relations/Local History

One or more sessions may also include “field trip” visits to certain facilities in order to gain a better appreciation of the discipline.

Space in the Ted Spella Leadership School is limited to 30 participants, therefore, those interested are encouraged to register early.  Tuition for the program is $149.00.

Any questions regarding the program should be directed to Steve Ludwig at 847-344-9325 or