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Ted Spella Leadership School - Testimonials - Jerry Glogowski | Class of 2007

After being elected as Algonquin Village Trustee in 2005 the first year was mind boggling as to what it took as a village official to get things accomplished.  I thought my past experiences in Villa Park and Lombard would help, but it was not enough.  I then was encouraged by my good friend and former village clerk, the late Jerry Kautz, to enroll in the Ted Spella Leadership School that the Village offered. 

Upon doing so I immediately started to learn the ropes as to what was involved in taking on the tasks as a trustee.  Use of better means in communications and involvement with our residents, businesses, non-for-profit groups, other local municipalities, county and state personnel, all who many were contributed leaders right here in our and their own community.  The course helped me be better engaged and educated in my development as a village leader to contribute to the betterment of our Village as we grew and continue to grow.  I had made many friends and gained a wealth of knowledge in understanding the governing rules that apply within knowing how our village staff, public works, parks and recreation need to operate and perform their tasks in cooperation with other governing bodies that made me fulfill my role as your elected official. 

Myself I highly recommend one taking and going to the Ted Spella Leadership School, if one is interested in gaining the knowledge of what it takes to perform all of the Village's day to day operations that our Algonquin village staff, or an elected village official needs to adhere by, and to be accountable to our residents, its businesses and overall improvement within our community.

Jerry Glogowski

Class of 2007