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Business Awards Program

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The annual Business Awards Program was established in 1999 to serve as an incentive and to recognize new and existing businesses.  This program aims to highlight the accomplishments businesses and commercial property owners have made to improve the quality of life in the Village of Algonquin through physical improvements or community services.  The award categories and a brief description of each follow: 

  New Development Architectural Award--This award will be presented to a new commercial development that meets the following criteria:

o   Exemplary architectural design and/or use of material;

o   Land use-the design or layout of the site with consideration of the space allowed, and the attempt to maintain the feeling of open/green space on the site; and

o   Landscaping-the enhancement of the site with landscaping and/or the preservation of existing trees/landscaping.


  Rehabilitation/Improvement Award--This award will be presented for improvements made to an existing structure that meets the following criteria:

  • Rehabilitation of an existing building- Improvements which enhance the exterior of the building consistent with the zoning district in which it is located (i.e. Old Town District, Business District, Randall Road Corridor); and /or
  • Landscaping enhancements to the site.


  Community Economic Impact Award--This award will be presented to a new or existing business that has positively impacted the community with jobs or other economic stimuli.


  Community Service Award--This award will be presented to a business that makes significant contributions to the community in terms of volunteer services or monetary contributions.


A formal awards presentation highlighting the award winners is made at a Village Board meeting in January or February of each year.  The Village President hands out plaques to each recipient. 
To nomiate a business, please email your nomination suggestion.  Please be sure to include your name and phone number for follow up questions. 

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