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Parking Ticket Mediation

Algonquin Police Department Parking Ticket Mediation Program has been established to provide citizens who receive tickets for Village ordinance parking violations with an opportunity to present information on an extenuating circumstance which they feel the Department should consider prior to processing the ticket.  A lack of knowledge of the ordinance on the part of the recipient is not considered an extenuating circumstance for purposes of mediation.
The form must be completed and delivered to the Records Unit of the Police Department within 72 hours of issuance of the ticket.  Tickets that were issued based on the complaint of another citizen shall not be considered for mediation, nor will tickets which were issued for violations other than parking.
You must complete all information that is requested. Incomplete forms will not be considered for mediation. In the narrative portion of the form, state your reasons why you are requesting mediation. Upon completing the form, you must personally deliver it to the Records Unit of the Algonquin Police Department. The Records Unit will receive the form and then forward it to the appropriate supervisor. The supervisor will then forward the form to the complaint officer for his or her comments. The supervisor(s) shall then review the comments of both parties and determine one of three dispositions:
  1. If the ticket was issued in error, it shall be voided; or
  2. If an extenuating circumstance existed which resulted in the violation, the ticket may be voided, which shall result in a warning; or
  3. The ticket will be prosecuted. At this point, the citizen/violator can either:
    1. Pay the ticket by the due date; or
    2. Request a court date and have the case heard before a Judge.

If you have any questions, please contact: the Algonquin Police Department Records Unit at 847-658-4531.


Parking Ticket Mediation Form

This form is for the purpose of communicating information or circumstances to the Algonquin Police Department, which the violator wishes the Department to consider in processing this Parking Violation. It shall only be completed in situations where the Violator had limited or no contact with the Complaint Officer at the time the ticket was issued.