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The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Algonquin Arboretum

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About This Location


Arboretum photoWhat is an Arboretum, you ask?
It is a place where a variety of trees or shrubs are cultivated for study and/or exhibition.

Did you know the Village of Algonquin has an Arboretum? Included in the landscape plan design when building the Village Hall, the Arboretum has been around since 1996. The concept was brought out of the desire to landscape the Village Hall grounds, as well as provide an educational opportunity. Groupings of sixteen different species were installed along with educational signage that provides information about the characteristics of each plant, and possible detractors. The site is planted with non-standard species in an attempt to not only provide a place to see a variety of species, but also to study their success, or lack thereof, in Algonquin soils and temperatures.

Located off of the lower lot at 2200 Harnish Dr. the Arboretum is open year round for a casual walk, or a tour can be scheduled for your class or group by calling the Public Works Department at 847-658-2700.


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