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The Village of Algonquin, IL

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What are the rules for building a shed in my yard?


Movable, plastic storage sheds or boxes, less than 100 cubic feet, do not require a building permit to install. Storage units 100 cubic feet, and greater, do require a building permit to install.


All exterior sheds that are larger than 100 cubic feet in size do require a building permit be applied for and approved prior to their installation. There are size limitations, setback regulations and base requirements for these size sheds. Only one shed is permitted per property. Building permit applications are available at Permit fees for sheds is $40.00. All sheds under the 100 cubic foot size are considered portable storage units.  These units do not require a permit but do have to be located within the rear yard only and should be kept out of any easements.  Up to three (3) portable sheds are permitted per address.

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