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What are the regulations for fire pits?


Permanent fire pits require a building permit and final inspection. Portable fire pits must follow certain size and placement guidelines prior to use. Bonfires and open burning is prohibited unless approved by the applicable Fire Protection District.


Permanent fire pits are not allowed to exceed 36-inches in diameter and are allowed for the recreational burning of landscape or untreated wood only. The burning of rubbish, garbage, grass, leaves and treated wood is never allowed.  Permanent fire pits must be approved by a building permit; the permit fee is $40.00 and will require a final inspection.  A permanent pit must be located no closer than 15-feet to any combustible building, structure or material and 15-feet from any property line and must be in the rear yard only.  

Temporary, portable fire pits do not require a building permit but are also limited to 36-inches in diameter and the user should follow manufacturer recommendations along with our code requirement of being located at least 25-feet from any combustible building, structure or material and any property line.  

Both type of fire pits may only be used with someone 18 years or older attending to the fire.  A hose or fire extinguishing equipment shall be accessible nearby and should the winds exceed 10 miles per hour; burning shall not take place.

Bonfires and open burns are never permitted with the exception of those approved by the local Fire Protection District.

The entire Open Burning and Recreational Fires Code can be viewed online at Section 43.08 of the Algonquin Municipal Code.

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