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Sergeant Robert Salazar Named McHenry County 2020 Officer of the Year

On Tuesday May 18, 2021, the McHenry County Chiefs of Police Association selected the 2020 “Officer of the Year” from seven nominated police officers. The nominees were: Sergeant Robert Salazar (Algonquin PD); Officer Joseph Fiore (Cary PD); Lieutenant John Miller (McHenry County Sheriff’s Office); Deputy Keith Sosnowski and Deputy Nick Clesceri (McHenry County Sheriff’s Office); Officer Eric Lee (Lake in the Hills PD) and Officer Charles Vorderer (Woodstock PD).

After considering each of the nominees’ actions, Sergeant Robert Salazar of the Algonquin Police Department was named as the 2020 “Officer of the Year.” The nominations and awards stem from their involvement for police actions during the previous year.

On two separate occasions during 2020 Sergeant Robert Salazar responded to incidents involving a suicidal person which were peacefully resolved. In the first incident a male subject was seated in a vehicle located in a local park. The male subject was armed with a handgun threatening to commit suicide. In his supervisory role Sergeant Robert Salazar took command of incident, directing officers and assisting agencies, to secure the area. In addition to his supervisory responsibilities Sergeant Robert Salazar was able to make contact with the suicidal subject, establish a dialogue, and convince him not to commit suicide. The individual surrendered his handgun and the Algonquin Police Department immediately arranged for the individual to receive mental health services.

In the second incident Sergeant Robert Salazar responded to a suicidal male subject armed with a knife. The individual was located in his vehicle armed with the knife threatening suicide. Sergeant Robert Salazar again performed his supervisory duties securing the area. Sergeant Robert Salazar made contact with the individual by phone speaking with him for approximately an hour. As a result, Sergeant Robert Salazar was able to convince the individual to surrender the knife and himself to officers, preventing the suicide.

Sergeant Robert Salazar was able to bring two highly stressful situations under control resulting in the preservation of life and prevention of misery for the families of these two individuals.

The officers who were nominated for this year’s award are law enforcement officers who are dedicated to their profession and to the communities they serve. Their actions that led to their nominations were only a few of the highlighted acts that law enforcement professionals are willing and able to perform on a daily basis for the citizens of this county.