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Storm Drainage Permit Application Checklist

Submittal Requirements:
  • Building Permit Application
  • Plat of Survey indicating where the drain line runs
  • Contractor proposal
  • If work is to be subcontracted, contractor must have $10,000 license and permit bond on file.
Permit Fees (Fee is not due until permit is ready):
  • $75.00
Construction Requirements & Information:
  • Drain line is private and owner is responsible for all maintenance and repair to line.
  • Restoration of the parkway (when applicable) will require using 4” of top soil, sod and watering to ensure growth.
  • Connection to storm water structure shall be cored, or saw cut. Connection must be inspected prior to being backfilled. Click here to schedule inspections online. Or call us at 847-658-2700, option 3.
  • Village Storm structure needs to be returned to sealed and strong condition.
  • “JULIE” locates are required prior to any excavations. Contact JULIE at 811 or before you dig.
  • All excavations must be barricaded securely.
Sump Pump Connection to Storm Water

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Please note that this checklist is not intended to be all-inclusive. Due to changes in codes, regulations, and ordinances, other requirements may apply.

For further information regarding the Village's regulations for building permits, please contact the Community Development Department at 847-658-2700, press 3 or email at or submit Online form.