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Sump Pump Discharge Inspection - Remote Virtual Inspection

Sump Pump Discharge Inspection

Beginning in October 2020, Public Works has begun mailing out a letter to select residents and homeowners regarding a sump pump discharge inspection. 

To help minimize the risks created by Inflow and Infiltration (I&I), the Village of Algonquin is evaluating potential sources of I&I into the sanitary sewer system. This evaluation includes a brief interview and inspection of your sump pump discharge locations and associated piping. We will be performing inspections Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:30AM – 2:00PM.  The Village is requesting your cooperation with this process.

Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI) for Sump Pump Discharge

A form of visual inspection which uses visual or electronic aids to allow an inspector or team of inspectors to observe products and/or materials from a distance because the objects are inaccessible or are in dangerous environments, or whereby circumstances or conditions prevent an in-person inspection.


In certain circumstances, an RVI may provide a better quality inspection with an increase in efficiency and cost savings.  Where an RVI is not suitable or technology fails to provide sufficient visual clarity (i.e., poor/no service or Wi-Fi, poor lighting, etc.), an onsite inspection may be required. Where Wi-Fi and/or cellular reception are poor or not available, Village will allow the assigned inspector to perform in-person inspections.


  1. You must have the application on your phone or tablet in order to conduct the RVI.
  2. Electronically sign a notice indicating that you consent to the use of the RVI using
  3. Must be at least 18 years old or with an adult to perform the video inspection.
  4. Click here to schedule inspections online or call (847) 658-1533.
  1. Prior to the inspection, ensure that:
       1.1.   Your home is safe at all times for the individual(s) using the device during the remote inspection including health safety.
       1.2.   The device (smartphone, tablet, drone, etc.) is fully charged and has a suitably charged additional power supply (battery pack).
       1.3.   The use of a noise-canceling head-set is recommended.
       1.4.   Your home has high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity or minimum 4G cellular service with a strong signal.  
  2. Make sure good lighting is available and clear the area of any unnecessary objects.
  3. All features applicable to the required inspection must be visible at the time of the remote inspection. These features must be captured sufficiently and clearly for the inspector to evaluate.
  4. If at any point the inspector believes that the remote inspection process is not allowing them to properly assess, they may require that a site inspection be required at a future date at the sole discretion of the inspector.
  1. Ensure that the lens and screen of any device being used to capture images or video has been cleaned. Dust, grit, smudges, etc., might interfere with the image quality and distorting the inspector’s view.
  2. To minimize interruptions during the RVI and to ensure that the video feed will be uninterrupted, make sure that all notifications are turned off in the Settings of the mobile device used for the RVI. Should the video be interrupted, the inspection could be delayed or may have to be re-scheduled.
  3. Be prepared to answer the inspector’s call at any time during the scheduled time frame. Be cooperative and closely follow the inspector’s instructions.
  4. As each site and inspection is different, allow the proper amount of time for the type of inspection and accessibility of the site.
  5. Carefully follow the inspector’s instructions for where to direct the device and for covering the site. Do not rush the inspector but allow him or her adequate time to conduct the RVI to his or her satisfaction.
  6. As much as possible, minimize background noise as that can interfere with communication with the inspector.
What to Expect
  1. Begin inspection at the street view looking at the structure with the address or other required your home identification in the video display.
    1.1 Inspector may also verify location through GPS/Geotagging where the service is available.
  2. Follow the directions of the inspector with respect to the order and direction of inspection.
  3. Be sure to ask questions of or seek clarification from the inspector at the time of the RVI.
  4. There must be an adult of legal age on site who will represent the owner/representative during the entire duration of the RVI.
  5. The owner/representative must be able to verbally communicate with the remote inspector at all times during the inspection.
Maintaining Records of Inspections

Required inspection records, including, but not limited to, correction notices, electronic media, recordings or photo documentation, shall be maintained in accordance with the Village’s policy, laws, regulations, and applicable codes, and may be subject to disclosure.

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