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Algonquin Now Offers Remote Virtual Inspections

The Village of Algonquin is pleased to offer customers the option for Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI) for many inspections required during permitting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Village proactively sought a reliable alternative to in-person inspections that would allow construction to continue during this time when social distancing is a requirement.

 The RVI method is quick and easy and allows Village inspectors to clearly see and then certify, thereby ensuring that all safety requirements and building codes are met.  

 “Remote Virtual Inspections allow us to keep safety at the forefront, both for our employees and residents” stated Acting Village President Debby Sosine.

 The Village’s RVI program follows best practices and guidance from the International Code Council to ensure effective and consistent service delivery.

 The benefits of RVI include the convenience of specific date and time requests, as well as not having to worry about an inspector entering resident’s homes. All that is needed is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet to be able to enjoy this new and convenient program.  Additionally, since this eliminates driving a vehicle to inspection sites, RVI is a more environmentally-friendly option to traditional inspection methods.

 “Our immediate need was a safe and reliable inspection method during the pandemic.  However, due to its many customer service and cost-effective advantages, we envision the RVI to be a routine tool for our inspection services for the foreseeable future” stated Sosine.

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