The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Algonquin Recreation Weekly Yoga Meditations

Here is the schedule for this week's upcoming Meditation Conference Calls!

You are welcome to invite friends or family to join us. The calls are free of charge, as long as you are within the limits of your phone plan (a landline will work too). Join in on any that you like; there is no need to RSVP! More details below.

Monday May 25th at 9:00am: Meditation Review and Practice  Access code: 126 866 6002  Password: 23268976

Wednesday May 27th at 9am: Taming the Monkey Mind  Access code: 126 153 1341  Password: 84356758

Friday May 29th at 9am: Meditation and Holding Space  Access code: 126 931 3832  Password: 75879789



  1. A few minutes before our start time call 312-535-8110  OR  408-418-9388.
  2. When prompted, enter the Access Code for the practice you are joining.
  3. Set up a comfortable place to practice with any props you might like such as your mat, blanket, cushion or chair.
  4. We will allow a little time at the beginning of our practice to say 'Hi' to each other and re-connect.
  5. When we begin the practice, I will ask everyone to put their phone on speaker and mute so we don't pick up background noise. Please familiarize yourself with how to mute your phone before the call.
  6. Practices will last 30 minutes or less. It's okay to exit the call whenever you need to!