The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Adopt-a-Drain Program

The Village of Algonquin currently manages 2,969 storm drains across our 207 miles of residential roadways. This year, the Village is inviting residents to adopt-a-storm drain in their neighborhood. For those who may not know, storm drains are the grates that can be found along the edges of our streets and local parkways that collect and direct storm water away from residences to detention ponds and other waterways.

The adoption program will ask residents who live near a storm drain to help keep it clear of litter and debris throughout the year. Although the Village clears the streets of debris through street sweeping, yard waste, leaves and other debris may eventually build up between sweepings. Water is prevented from entering the sewer system and may cause flooding. In turn, this may create problems for you and your neighbors. Likewise, debris that enters the sewer system may cause blockages and allow litter to enter local waterways.

Additionally, it is asked that residents be mindful of other pollutants or hazardous materials that enter the sewer system. Please do not dump hazardous liquids, including, but not limited to oil and antifreeze, into the storm sewers. Instead, please dispose of these hazardous wastes with licensed recyclers.

Small gestures lead to a large impact. By taking additional steps to work together as a community, we can all enjoy cleaner, healthier neighborhoods.