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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As part of the Old Town Algonquin improvements, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Stations have been installed and activated in the area.  The stations are owned by the Village, however they are operated and maintained by ChargePoint. As such in order to use the station you must register with them either online or by mobile app. Parking of vehicles in the electric vehicle charging stations is prohibited except for electric vehicles that are actively charging

Charging Locations

  • 106 S. Main St.
  • 302 S. Main St.

How to Operate

Once registered you can then activate the station (i.e. unlock the charging handle) one of two ways, either by using a ChargePoint card (request for a physical card can be made online or via app).

  1. Tap to charge. With the ChargePoint app installed, you can start a charging session by holding your phone over the reader symbol on the station. Make sure you have the app and are signed in to your account.
    1. iPhone: In the ChargePoint app, go to Menu, select Account and then Manage Cards. Pick "set it up,” add your ChargePoint pass to Apple Wallet and tap your phone on the station to charge.
    2. Android: Enable NFC, turn your phone screen on and tap your phone on the station to charge (Android app).
    3. To use tap to charge, you’ll need iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 and 7 Plus running iOS 10 or newer, Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1 and 1st generation or Android 4.4 or later with NFC.
  2. Start charging from the app. Choose the station and click the ‘Start Charge’ button.
  3. Use your ChargePoint card. Just tap your activated ChargePoint card (make sure to activate it) on the card reader symbol on the station.

Once you have activated the station, the plug handle is released and you can begin to charge your vehicle (consult vehicle manual for instructions on charging). Station will automatically stop charge once the battery is recharged, but charging can also be stopped at any time by disconnecting the plug from the vehicle and returning back to the charge station.

Please note that while our stations are free to use, the site still requires you to have a payment method on your account. No charges will be made to your account for the use of our station, however, ChargePoint does charge $10.00 to open up your balance (auto recharges your balance similar to how the Tollway operates I-Pass system).

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