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Environmental Awards and Accomplishments

The following are some of the awards and accomplishments the Village has received in recognition of various environmental efforts.  These milestones reiterate the Village's commitment to a sustainable Algonquin.


Tree City USA (1996 - Present)

Viable Tree Management Program and Implementation

Illinois Tomorrow Award (2001)

Woods Creek Watershed Protection Plan

Land Conservancy of McHenry County - Living with Trees Award (2005)

Village’s Tree Preservation Program

McHenry County Recycling Award (2005)

Village Residential Recycling Cart Program

McHenry County Defenders Theta Award (2007)

Village’s Overall Commitment to the Environment

Environmental Protection Agency & Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award (2007)

Arquilla Naturalized Detention

Environmental Protection Agency & Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award (2008)

Lake Drive South Naturalized Detention

McHenry County Council of Governments Model Program, Policy, or Procedure Award (2010)

Bicycle Rack Art Contest

Environmental Protection Agency & Chicago Wilderness Conservation & Native Landscaping Award (2010)

Yellowstone Naturalized Area

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Certificate of Environmental Achievement (2017)

Village’s Overall Commitment to the Environment



  • Began Volume-Based Recycling in the Village
  • Police Department Began Patrols Using Bicycles
  • Introduced Water Conservation Regulations to the Village
  • Adopted Tree Preservation Code in Village
  • Became Tree City USA


  • 2001:  Adopted Woods Creek Watershed Protection Plan
  • 2001:  Joined Fox River Ecosystem Partnership (FREP)
  • 2002:  Conservation Community Program Launched (First Conservation Community Day held at Woods Creek Trail)
  • 2004:  Began Water Conservation Education
  • 2005:  Began Vegetable Oil Fuel Program
  • 2005:  Completed a Comprehensive Natural Areas Inventory
  • 2006:  Achieved Silver Level Status through the Clean Air Counts Program
  • 2006:  Received Grant and Distributed 10,000 64-Gallon Recycling Carts to All Village Households
  • 2006:  Began to Transition Police Cruiser Vehicles from V8 to more Fuel-Efficient V6 engines
  • 2006:  Began Hybrid Vehicle Program for Municipal Vehicles
  • 2007:  Village Became Member of McHenry County Groundwater Protection Task Force
  • 2007:  Village Became a Member of the Sierra Club's Cool Cities
  • 2007:  Signed on to the US Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement
  • 2007:  Developed Natural Areas Stewardship Program
  • 2008:  Adopted Natural Areas Protection Ordinance
  • 2008:  Adopted Parks, Trails, and Open Space Plan for Village
  • 2009:  Became Member of the Chicago Wilderness Alliance
  • 2010:  Adopted Conservation Design Ordinance
  • 2010:  Implemented use of Beet Juice for Anti-Icing Methods
  • 2013:  Added Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles to Village Fleet
  • 2014:  Launched Bring Your Own Bag (BYOBag) Algonquin Program
  • 2014:  Adopted Complete Streets Policy
  • 2015:  Adopted Fox River Corridor Plan
  • 2016:  Endorsed the Metropolitan Mayors' Caucus Greenest Region Compact 2
  • 2017:  Converted streetlights in Algonquin to LED
  • 2017:  Received ComEd Green Region Program grant to construct Spella Park Pollinator Project
  • 2018:  Installed electric charging stations in Old Town Algonquin
  • 2018:  Approved Solar Panel Installation at Community School District 158 Algonquin Campus
  • 2018:  Conducted Solar Energy Feasibility Study at the Wastewater Treatment Facility and Water Treatment Plant #3
  • 2019:  Permitted Large-Scale Solar Installation at Target Store in Algonquin

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