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Algonquin Recognized for Environmental Achievement

The Village of Algonquin was recognized by the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus with a Certificate of Environmental Achievement at the Greentown Conference in Aurora, Illinois on April 27.  The Certificate of Environmental Achievement recognizes the Village's ongoing commitment to sustainability in its operations and community, and outlines achievements since the adoption of the original Greenest Region Compact.

“We are very proud to be honored with the Certificate of Environmental Achievement from the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus.  As elected officials and as professional staff, we recognize that our stewardship of our environment is the most important thing we can do in our individual capacities,” stated Village President John Schmitt.  “Algonquin strives to be a policy leader in environmental stewardship with model programs including water conservation, volume-based solid waste program, tree preservation, and sustainability planning. I thank the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus for this honor.”

In August 2016, the Village endorsed the Greenest Region Compact 2, committing to work to achieve its policy goals, both in Algonquin and in collaboration with communities throughout the region.

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About The Greenest Region Compact 2

The Greenest Region Compact 2 unifies municipal action towards consensus sustainability goals and support mayors in their role as environmental leaders.  Broad adoption of the Greenest Region Compact 2 goals by communities will accelerate the region towards a vibrant, sustainable future. Working in concert, mayors can lead the Chicago region to become the greenest region in the United States.

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