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Coyote Information

Coyotes occupy a variety of habitats in Illinois. They prefer semi-open country with a mix of grasslands and woodlands. However, they are very adaptable and it is not uncommon to find coyotes living in suburban or urban areas. The following is a list of recommendations when dealing with the coyote population:
  • Never leave small children unattended. Parents should educate their children on how to identify and stay away from coyotes and other wildlife.
  • Supervise all pets closely, keep them under your control. Use a leash when walking pets.
  • Turn on lights and make some noise in order to scare off any possible wild animal that may be in the immediate area.
Never feed coyotes or any wild animals. People who feed wild animals are creating a potentially dangerous situation. Wild animals are smart to recognize that people are the source of their food. They will become less fearful of humans and tend to approach more often, potentially becoming a hazard for children and pets. Be sure you're not feeding coyotes without realizing it. Be sure to check that:
  • Garbage is secured with a cover, if possible store in your garage.
  • Compost is covered.
  • Fallen fruit from trees is picked up.
  • No pet food is left outside.
  • Bird feeders are not overflowing with seed.
  • Do not feed deer or other wild animals.
The video below, produced by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, explains typical coyote behavior.
A coyote's typical territory is approximately one square mile, however, they will roam in an area up to thirty square miles. They are on the move constantly, hunting and exploring. Coyotes live in prairies, brush areas, and wooded edges. They often live or travel along waterways. If they are looking for a new home, they will look for abandoned burrows, piles of wood, drainage pipes or other small, enclosed structures where they and their family can be protected. If you have wood piles, mounds or other materials on your property that might provide protection for these animals, you may want to remove them to avoid some type of wildlife taking up residency there.
The following links from the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County and Illinois Department of Natural Resources provide additional information on coyotes:

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