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Geocaching Policy

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Many geocachers see the sport as a way to get out and get exercise. Others like the thrill of the hunt. Whatever the reason, geocaching is growing in popularity.
The Village of Algonquin wants to support this fun hobby. However, we also have to look to the shared interests of the community. So please, before you think about putting a cache anywhere, read these rules and abide by them. Also fill out a Geocache registration form found on our website and submit it. Good hunting!
Caches cannot be placed in: sensitive archaeological, historical, or ecological areas; Areas that contain rare plant species; areas that could potentially cause danger to visitors trying to locate the cache; areas not currently open to the public; areas that could negatively impact threatened or endangered species; sensitive wetland, vegetation or wildlife habitat areas where disturbance from activity or trampling could occur; garden areas; developed areas; shelters; buildings; bridges or unsafe terrain; picnic areas; playground areas; or athletic complexes.


Cache placement in recognized wild and natural areas needs to be kept to a minimum. No digging or disruption of the ground is permitted when placing the cache. Cache must be located within 3 feet of the ground or on the ground. Cache not be attached, and no vegetation or natural features will be disturbed in any manner. Cache cannot be placed in Village Protected Open Space unless it is within ten (10) feet of a formalized path.


No food, alcohol, firearms, ammo, drugs, dangerous items, hazardous materials, adult items, or soliciting is allowed.


The following list of cache sizes and types are the only acceptable forms of containers that are permitted on Village property:

  1. Micro (35 mm film canister or smaller - less than approximately 3 ounces or .1 liters - typically containing only a logbook)
  2. Small (Sandwich-sized Tupperware-style container or similar - less than approximately 1 quart or liter - holds trade items as well as a logbook)
  3. Regular (Tupperware-style container or can)


Caches must be registered with the Village of Algonquin annually. Caches that have not been previously approved by the Village are not allowed, and will be removed.


A placement of a geocache may be removed or denied for any reason. The Village reserves the right to remove a cache at any time at its own discretion.  Any violation or unlawful misconduct on Village property will be reported to the local police department, and the geocache box and its contents will be confiscated.  Area hours will be observed at all times as per Chapter 11 of the Algonquin Municipal Code.