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The Village of Algonquin, IL

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History of Algonquin - Historic Information - Centennial Celebration

It was eighty-seven ago, on June 8, 1935, that Algonquin residents witnessed the grandest celebration in the history of the Village. In commemoration of its 100th birthday, the Village hosted a huge centennial celebration.

The theme for the 1935 centennial was "Algonquin the Beautiful" and the entire village became involved with preparations for this event.

The celebration festivities were opened with the staging of a colossal parade. Authentic covered wagons were resurrected after ears of storage in area barns or abandonment in fields. The wagons were fixed up, axles greased, and hitched up with yoke and oxen to take part in the parade along with other old-time vehicles and vintage autos.

School teacher Anne Eldredge wrote a special song in commemoration of the Centennial. These words were sung to the tune of "America the Beautiful" by the entire population of townsfolk who filled the park and lined the hill-side on the north side of the park. Later in the day, basket dinners were enjoyed by all, and the evening events culminated with a large dance in the park, complete with full orchestra.

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Photos from the Historic Commission Archives

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