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Algonquin Village Board Reviews Community Survey Results

In January, the Algonquin Village Board reviewed the results from the 2021 Algonquin Community Survey.  This is the tenth year the survey has been administered, asking residents for their input on quality of life factors in Algonquin as well as rating the quality and importance of municipal services.

Residents gave high praise to several categories including: Algonquin as a Place to Live (95.4% positive rating); Your Neighborhood as a Place to Live (92.1% positive rating); and Cleanliness of Algonquin (91.2% positive rating).

The highest rated Village services include the following: 911 services; Garbage collection; Recycling; Online payment options; and Responding to citizen calls.  Overall, since the Village began administering the annual Algonquin Community Survey, the quality of life and services provided to residents exhibit continuous growth.

“We are very pleased knowing our residents continue to receive quality services, even as we round the next corner of the pandemic,” said Village President Debby Sosine. “A priority of our Village Board is keeping Algonquin as a desirable place for families to live, employers to locate, and employees to work.”

In addition, the following categories displayed the largest improvements since inception of the survey in 2012: Traffic flow on major streets (30.5% improvement), Ease of car travel in Algonquin (28.5% improvement), and Ease of bicycle travel in Algonquin (27.9% improvement).

Several street improvement projects, including Algonquin Lakes Subdivision, Harnish Drive, and Lake Drive South, and progress of the Old Town Algonquin Redevelopment project contributed to those improvements.  Regional roadway improvements completed in the Village, like the Randall Road Corridor Improvements project sponsored by McHenry County, also played a part.

“Commitment to local and regional transportation projects has been a strategic priority for the Village,” said Sosine.  “We anticipate additional positive outcomes with the upcoming completion of Longmeadow Parkway.”

The Village’s annual capital and operating budget use resident input provided from the Algonquin Community Survey to set objectives and spending priorities.  The fiscal year 2022-2023 budget, which is currently being developed, will propose additional resources allocated to improvements to the Village’s transportation network, water and sewer system, and park amenities.

To view the 2021 Algonquin Community Survey Report, as well as past results and the Comprehensive Results Dashboard, please visit