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The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Winter Salt Storage Regulations

The Village of Algonquin is continually striving to be a conservation community. As part of this ongoing effort, the Village has undertaken McHenry County's Groundwater Protection Program. Winter snow and ice removal operations have the potential to be damaging to the environment, specifically water resources. Therefore, the Village regulates salt piles used in winter operations of commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-tenant residential areas through an annual permit. The goal is to limit the amount of materials that are stored on site and to properly ensure that materials are stored in the most environmentally sensitive manner as possible.

The Community Development Department will handle issuing permits, inspections and enforcement. All property owners/property managers are asked to apply for a permit if salt will be stored on site this winter. Permits may be obtained from the Village of Algonquin Community Development Department (2200 Harnish Drive).

Salt Storage Regulations:
  1. Permit is required for all salt piles to be stored outside.
  2. Permit is valid for the entire winter season (November-April).
  3. Permit cost will be $85.00.
  4. Maximum amount of storage allowed is to cover four storm events. Amount to be stored shall be listed on the permit application.
  5. The salt within the salt storage location shall be covered with a water resistant tarp or similar protective cover, which shall be adequately secured to prevent damage from wind and/or water at all times.
  6. Salt storage must be a minimum distance of 100 feet away from a storm sewer drain. Show on site plan, as part of permit application.
  7. Salt storage must be located uphill and away from snow piles.
  8. Salt storage must be located in an area that minimizes visual impact to public way and/or adjacent residential uses. Show on site plan, as part of permit application.
  9. The salt storage and area used for truck loading and unloading shall be diligently swept and maintained free of loose salt and debris at all times. The area shall be kept in a clean, workman like manner at all times.
  10. All unused salt and the site shall be cleaned up no later than April 15.

For more information, please contact us at 847-658-2700 (Option 3).