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The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Patio Permit Application Checklist

Submittal Requirements:
Permit Fees (Fee is not due until permit is ready):
  • $45.00
Construction Requirements & Information:
  • Construction Requirements Handout
  • Work must be started and completed within six (6) months of the issue date.
  • Concrete patios are required to have a minimum of 4 inches of compacted base (stone) and 4 inches of concrete.
  • 6-inch by 6-inch #10 welded wire fabric shall be placed in the top ⅓ of concrete patios greater than 100 square feet of area.
  • Paver block patios are required to have 6 inches of compacted base (stone) and 1 inch of sand for leveling.
  • Patio must be 5 feet from property lines and out of any easement. 5 feet from property lines may not always apply to townhomes.
  • Patio Sitting Wall under 24 inches does not require a permit.
  • A minimum 3 feet X 3 feet landing is required on the exterior side of an egress door. If the patio is proposed adjacent to an egress door, without a Code complying landing or the existing landing is removed and replaced, the patio must include a minimum 3 feet X 3 feet landing. If the patio is proposed adjacent to an existing 3 feet X 3 feet landing or proposed away from an egress door, a landing is not required.
  • Individual subdivision covenants may have special requirements. It is up to homeowner to receive Home Owner’s Association approval.
  • After Permit is issued, as construction progresses, inspections are required. Click here to schedule inspections online. Or call us at (847) 658-2700, option 3.
  • Contact JULIE at 811 or before you dig.

International Residential Code 2018  |  International Building Code 2018  | International Fire Code 2018  |  International Mechanical Code 2018  |  International Fuel Gas Code 2018  |  National Electrical Code 2017  |  Current Illinois State Plumbing Code  |   International Energy Conservation Code 2018  |  International Existing Building Code 2018  |  International Property Maintenance Code 2018  |  Illinois Accessibility Code 2018

Please note that this checklist is not intended to be all-inclusive. Due to changes in codes, regulations, and ordinances, other requirements may apply.

For further information regarding the Village's regulations for building permits, please contact the Community Development Department at 847-658-2700, press 3 or email at or submit Online form.