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The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Special Service Area Information

Village of Algonquin policy is to establish inactive Special Service Areas (SSAs) for all upcoming developments. These SSAs will remain inactive, meaning no taxes will be imposed, unless the developer or Homeowner's Association (HOA) neglects their responsibilities to uphold specific communal spaces and public enhancements, including but not limited to storm water management, landscaping, trails, etc., that are under the jurisdiction of the HOA as outlined in legally recorded agreements.

Should any issues arise concerning these infrastructures, the Village of Algonquin staff will duly inform the developer and HOA to address and rectify these concerns. In instances where the matters aren't resolved and no visible efforts are made towards resolution, the Village reserves the right to activate the SSA. In doing so, funds will be collected by imposing a charge on the property tax bills of the affected properties, with the amount corresponding to the expenses required for the completed essential work. These funds, specifically gathered from the SSA, will be allocated to carry out the necessary improvements within the subdivision.

Our shared objective is to ensure well-maintained subdivisions. The inactive SSA functions as a contingency plan, providing homeowners the assurance that they will reside in a properly maintained community in the event that the developer or HOA should falter in their duties. It's important to note that we have no immediate intention to implement any levies, and we remain hopeful that such measures will never become necessary.

Existing SSA's include the following:

  • Special Service Area #1:  Riverside Square
  • Special Service Area #2:  Coves III Subdivision
  • Special Service Area #3:  Spectrum Senior Living
  • Special Service Area #4:  NorthPoint Resubdivision (Lots 2 - 6; Outlot C)
  • Special Service Area #5:  NorthPoint Resubdivision (Lot 1; Outlot D)

Public Hearings on the following proposed SSA's will be held on Tuesday, September 5:

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