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The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Algonquin Police Department Launches Green Bracelet Program

The Algonquin Police Department is excited to announce the launch of the Green Bracelet Program. This program is aimed at assisting residents who are elderly or have disabilities that place them at a higher risk for becoming disoriented, lost or confused and may have difficulty communicating their needs.

Program participants will be issued a Green Bracelet containing a metal face plate bearing an identification number and instructions to contact the Algonquin Police Department in the event that the participant needs assistance. The identification number will then be used for members of APD to quickly access relevant medical and emergency contact information, which is securely kept at the police station. No personal identifying information is included on the bracelet, but information that could be helpful to first responders can be added upon request.

This program is available for free to Algonquin residents who could experience disorientation or distress during emergency situations. Those who may benefit include individuals with autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia or other physical or mental health challenges.

Those interested in enrolling a loved one in this program can call the Algonquin Police Department’s non-emergency telephone number, 847-658-4531, for more information.

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