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Village of Algonquin Recreation Department is excited to partner with you to host your geocache. One of the goals of Recreation is to connect people to nature through education and recreation and your cache can play a valuable role. To learn more about Recreation and Events in the Village of Algonquin please visit

Your cache is a treasured piece of this mission by motivating and inspiring people from throughout the region to get active and take a hike in their parks while learning about nature, technology, and untold other lessons while experiencing this family friendly activity.  Please review Algonquin's Geocaching Policy online.

Recreation and Parks are also committed to conservation. We hope you appreciate and respect the rules and policies of the Village of Algonquin's Geocaching policy as we balance conservation, safety and the heritage of Algonquin parks with this exciting and growing outdoor activity. We encourage you to spread the ideals of "Cache In, Trash Out" throughout the geocaching community by providing an educational message in your cache.

Also, please email a picture of your cache to, along with your name and the name of the park. This will help us recognize your cache better. Thank you, and have fun!

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