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The Village of Algonquin, IL

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2023 Consolidated Election - Candidate Packet

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To access 2023 Consolidated Election - Candidates Packet from the Village of Algonquin, please fill out the form below.

HOW TO OBTAIN 2023 CONSOLIDATED ELECTION - CANDIDATE PACKET: A courtesy election packet may be downloaded from the Village's file sharing site which will be provided candidates upon completion of this form or by downloading the 2023 State of Illinois Candidate's Guide online from the Illinois State Board of Elections.  Additional candidate information is available at

Candidates completing this form will be able to download candidate information.  This information will also be added to our "Candidate List" which will be released to individuals and media outlets upon request and to be notified of any changes during the process.

Be advised, the information provided is for your convenience only and should not be used in lieu of competent legal advise.

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