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Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)

The Algonquin Police Department DARE program is an integral part of the Department's Crime prevention program. In Algonquin, the belief is that the best way to prevent crime is to intervene before a problem begins.


"DARE" stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. The DARE unit consists of full-time Officers who have been certified in this specialized area of law enforcement expertise. The program was started over 15 years ago by Chief Russell Laine and has continued throughout the years with his and our Village Board's support. During these many years of involvement in the school system of the Village of Algonquin, thousands of children have benefited from this positive and life affirming instruction. At this point in our history, there are thousands of young adults who have emerged from this instruction and are utilizing the tools they learned in the DARE to cope in a decidedly stressful world.

The program itself was started on 1983 in Los Angeles, CA. with the police department working together with their school system. The program has evolved over the years to keep up with the changing times and is currently a ten week program in which a uniformed officer goes into the classroom for one hour a week and teaches students on several important topics. The DARE program is offered to our students as part of their regular school curriculum. The focus of DARE instruction is to provide our youth with information on drugs and drug addiction and ways to handle peer pressure. It establishes an important and life-long relationship between our youth and law enforcement. DARE uses police to bring a message to students that a classroom teacher may not have the resources or personal experiences to share to really emphasize the importance of the lessons. Daren the lion (the official DARE mascot) also helps to bring a fun and silly aspect into each class.

In Algonquin, our schools have approximately 3000 students enrolled. The main focus of DARE is the fifth grade, in which we are currently teaching to over 600 students. Our eternal hope is that these students will leave our classrooms with the knowledge they need to become responsible and productive members of our community
Chief Laine and the Village Board have been steadfastly committed to this important program. It has been observed that one of Chief Laine's favorite expressions concerning crime prevention is, "The solution to crime is not in the electric chair - it is in the high chair." Knowing fully that children are the future, the Algonquin Police Department starts with educating our children, and even educating the parents on raising children in the confusing world in which we live.