The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Mailbox Repair Program

Without intention, sometimes the causalities of the snow season are resident mailboxes.

If a snowplow hits a mailbox, while removing snow from the Village streets, then the Village will replace the mailbox. But there are certain instances of replacement you should know about.

If a snowplow blade strikes a mailbox or mailbox post, then the Village is responsible for replacement. If the mailbox or mailbox post is knocked down by the force of the snow striking it, it is not the Village's responsibility to replace it. The mailbox or mailbox post must clearly show evidence of the blade striking either for the Village to be at fault.

If your mailbox becomes a causality of being hit then here is what you should do:

  1. The driver or resident needs to report the box down to the Village. (If the driver sees the mailbox go down then he/she makes a note of the address and turns in a report.) The number to call is the Public Works main number (847-658-2700) and ask for the streets department.
  2. The Village will go out and temporarily repair or put a temporary box in the downed one's place. They will then inspect the downed box to determine whether it was actually hit by the snowplow or the force of the snow.
  3. The Village will then put that box on a list to send a letter out to in the spring, with the options for final repairs or reimbursement.

A sample mailbox repair letter that is sent out in spring is available online. This letter points out the maximum amount of reimbursement and repair options that are available to the resident.