The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Sewer Assessment Work

Beginning the week of March 13, representatives from Midwest Water Group Inc./RMS Utility Services, Inc. will be evaluating the condition of the sanitary sewer and manholes in the area east of the Fox River to the Village limits.  The evaluation is two-fold:

  1. One aspect utilizes acoustics or varying tones transmitted down pipes.  Sounds are absorbed differently dependent upon pipe material and physical features helping determine pipe integrity and identify deficiencies. 
  2. The second part of the evaluation employs a camera, with 360-degree imaging used to televise and catalog structural features, piping arrangements, depth, and deficiencies within manholes.  Neither means of testing is impactful to sanitary sewer flows, as nothing but sound is being introduced into the sewer.  There is no interruption to your sanitary sewer service.

Each method of testing requires representatives from Midwest/RMS to access manholes located within the Right-of-Way and/or Village utility easements, including those on private property. In addition to access to property, Midwest/RMS may also request the temporary the use of private driveways, as it may aid in the optimal positioning of their camera truck. Per manhole, the televising process should last less than 30 minutes; acoustic testing approximately 10 minutes.

Please contact our Public Works staff online or by calling 847-658-1158 with any questions or concerns.